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Email marketing solutions: Mailchimp vs MailerLite

Here, at BeValued Agency, we help small and medium businesses to grow their online presence. A common question that we hear is the following: what email marketing solutions do you recommend us? While some of our customers are willing to pay for a software, others are not ready to invest money for that service yet. And we totally understand.

Email marketing solutions

There are plenty options from which you can choose: some of them have a free limit, some of them are affordable and others may seem like they are a little too pricey. All you can do is test them and stick with the one that better fits your needs. Today, we will talk about two of the most used email marketing solutions: MailChimp and MailerLite.


MailChimp is an email marketing software with a full toolbox. It helps you create awesome campaigns just in a few minutes. The great thing about MailChimp is that it allows you to choose a billing plan, according to your resources. If you are a new business and you don’t have money to invest in an email marketing software, the new business plan may work just well for you.

If you afford to pay for some extra services, you may want to level up your strategy with some automation workflows and some awesome e-commerce features. It costs you only 10 $/month. They also have a Pro Marketer plan, that allows users to improve their email marketing performance with enterprise level cool features. It cost 199$/month.

The benefits of MailChimp

Its free version allows you to manage up to 2000 contacts, with the mention that it include its logo on the subscription form. If this detail is disturbing, you can upgrade your billing plan and you can easily remove it. You can import your contacts from a spreadsheet, CVS, TXT or just copy-paste them in the software.

MailChimp has several free templates that users can customize, simple and fast. What’s even cooler it’s the fact that it also allows users to import their own templates or even modify the existing ones. The editor is intuitive and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

No matter the billing plan, MailChimp have their option of sharing the campaigns on Facebook or Twitter. They have the social media buttons and it can be successfully integrated with a tool that collects valuable information about subscribers from Social Media if they are using the same email address (Faces).

It has a great deliverability and it allows you to run various A/B testing campaigns. You can also schedule your campaigns in order to maximize the open rates. And if you want to know how your efforts are performing compared with similar businesses from your industry, they are offering you this information.

What I like the most about MailChimp are the automation and segmentation features. You can automate your email marketing campaigns by using various triggers, depending on the prospects’ interaction with your website and not only.

The downsides of MailChimp

The integration of MailChimp is not always working well and sometimes it is hard for users to subscribe. The worse part about this email marketing solution is its right of suspending your account. In case you receive spam complaints or a big number of users unsubscribe from your list, you’re on sandy sands.

Moreover, the autoresponders will only be sent to the users that joined the list via the web form. It cannot be properly integrated with all the content management systems, as WordPress, for example. You can’t send the campaign to various lists at the same time. You can choose only one at the time and then, replicate it for other lists.

The interface of MailChimp may seem a little bit awkward to some users. Another disadvantage of MailChimp is the support. If you can’t solve a problem that occurs by yourself, you don’t have a customer support for the free version. The customization is somehow limited and the templates are not often updated.


MailerLite is an email marketing software that stands for its simplicity. It is used by small businesses that need a product at an affordable cost. It is relatively new on the market and its interface is available in 10 languages. What’s really fascinating about them is their youthfulness and cool features. It is modern, simple, and user-friendly.

The benefits of MailerLite

It is easy to navigate, thanks to its logical structure and user-friendly interface. The editor allows you to add images and text, but you can’t place them in the same line. What I like the most about MailerLite is its uncomplicated setup. You don’t have to be a specialist so you can use it. Its interface is predictable and the entire process is organized in steps.

It allows you to track your email stats. What matter the most in marketing is the evaluation of a campaign. Oh, well, you can easily analyze your results by having access to numbers as openings, clicks, soft bounce, hard bounce etc. Moreover, you can see the most clicked links and who clicked them.

You can use personalization, as well as on MailChimp. This is a valuable feature, especially for inbound marketers. Use your leads’ names on your email and you will notice that it increases your CTR. Of course, must you also pay attention to other aspects also, but we don’t want to bother you with this. Just read this blog post if you are interested in Email Marketing best practices to follow for your business.

Continuing with the pros of MailerLite, we can also mention it is mobile friendly, so your email will look good both from computer and smartphone. You can use it at an affordable cost. It is free for up to 1000 contacts and the small business plan starts from $10/month to $140/month, depending on your subscribers’ number.

The downsides of MailerLite

The biggest downside of MailerLite is the automation feature. It doesn’t have too many triggers. You just have to choose from a really short list: when a subscriber joins a group, when a subscriber joins a segment, when a subscriber exit a segment, the anniversary of a date and the exact match of a date. It’s not a suitable choice for your business if you are looking to create automation by considering the user’s interaction with your website.

Moreover, the segmentation needs some improvements. For instance, you can’t separate your lists by those who opened or clicked a certain campaign. You just have to choose between those you never opened a campaign and those who opened any campaign from all those which were sent.

Ok, maybe now you will ask us which one of those email marketing solutions you should choose. We can’t establish for sure until we don’t talk to you about your business and its needs. But we can say that MailerLite works great for small business with a short list and a low budget, while MailChimp is great for big companies, that wants to create customized automation campaigns and owns a generous database with subscribers.

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