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Email Marketing allows your company to deliver highly personalised emails to your contacts. We help you use it correctly.

Email is an incredibly useful marketing channel for companies that invest time and money to really capture its benefits. Email Marketing allows you to deliver personalised content for every individual on your database based on their interests, activity and engagement with your marketing activities. 

This can be done by properly segmenting your database, by building the right automations and by creating perfectly customised campaigns. It takes time, patience and skills and it’s particularly hard for companies with small databases. But everyone can enjoy the long term rewards of making the necessary efforts to engage in a more personal marketing approach. 

How can we use Email Marketing to help your business

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Segment your database

Most likely your company already has a contact database of clients and prospects, but are all of these people interested in every single email you send? Of course not. Chances are you have multiple products or services, which means you also have different groups of people to communicate with about certain topics. This is why you need to carefully segment them and deliver a more personalised experience in their inboxes to get the best possible responses. 

Build automations

Depending on the software you’re using, you can create automations triggered by the interactions your prospects have with your website or campaigns. Start sending personalised emails to people visiting multiple pages on your website or automatically send an offer to prospects who are constantly opening and reading your emails. The possibilities are endless and there are many ways you can use automation to increase engagement and gain clients.

Design, deliver, report

After properly segmenting your database and building the right automations for your audience, we start creating the kind of campaigns your prospects would open, read, and click. For this to happen, the copy and design need to be attractive, interesting, and useful for your audience. Moreover, the campaigns need to be regularly analysed and constantly optimised in order to improve the communication and find new ways to engage users.  

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