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You might already have a database full of contacts from clients, prospects or just emails bought from the internet (bad practice, by the way). But how do those people respond to your communication efforts? Do they interact with your campaigns? Do they open and click your emails? Do they buy from you? Most likely, they don’t. This is because you treat them like emails, not real persons. 

We help your company enrich your database with people who already showed interest in your business, your products or services by interacting in a convincing way with your content, online or offline. Your database should have a lot of details on every contact, and the email address is just one of them. This means getting their name and contact information, knowing their specific interests and being aware of the personal history they have with your company. 

All of this information is extremely useful because you can then treat them like real people and you can deliver a customised experience for each of them with your content, offers and overall communication. To do this we use Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and targeted Pay-Per-Click ads.


How do we generate leads for your business

See the elements that work together to create a lead generation process.

Great content & rewards

Sure, you can simply ask people to subscribe to your newsletter by providing their email address, but you’ll quickly realise this is not a very productive way to generate quality leads. First of all, an email is not a lead. Second of all, people tend to stay away from simply giving up this information because they are worried about spam. So instead we create and promote quality content in the form of e-books or guides people can download. In this way we try to bring a real value in your audience’s life by solving certain problems. We then offer these resources for free, in exchange for completing a form that asks for the information that really matters to us.  

Landing pages

The conversion from visitor to lead cannot happen on just any page of your website. People need to be directed towards a certain place that is especially designed with just this goal in mind: convert people to leads. This is where our experience and design skills will matter the most, because there are many things we need to consider when creating the most effective landing page. We need to make sure people are captivated by our offer and take the necessary action to obtain it by completing the form we carefully create. We also don’t forget about A/B testing to find the right elements that work best. Little things like colour, shapes or placement can make a huge difference.


Your conversion rate on the landing page will be highly influenced by the quality of your form. It’s very important to know how and when to ask for the information you are looking for to make sure people don’t just leave from your page. Ask too many questions and chances are they will perceive it as scary or intrusive and will decide to move on. Also, if you ask to little then you might have a higher conversion rate but your subscribers will not matter because you might not obtain the information you need from them. The hardest thing to do is find the right balance and craft your form accordingly. This is way you should leave this one for the pros. 

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