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Pay-Per-Click advertising will speed up the growth of your business.

As an Inbound Marketing agency, we identified two types of businesses that use PPC advertising: businesses that adopt the Inbound Marketing methodology and want to speed up their results and businesses that want to skip the organic growth and dedicate their total budget to reaching a larger audience as soon as possible. No matter your strategy, PPC advertising will surely fit perfectly into your marketing mix and speed up the results.

When can you use PPC advertising?

PPC advertising with Inbound Marketing

You can set aside a percentage of your Inbound Marketing budget for PPC advertising to speed up the process of lead generation, to get your content in front of your audience as soon as possible and to grow your website traffic at a faster pace.

PPC advertising without Inbound Marketing

You can choose to skip the Inbound Marketing process and dedicate your entire budget to PPC advertising. This will help you showcase your products or services to a very large audience, grow your traffic, and drive sales as soon as possible.

What we can help you with

PPC Advertising on Social Media

Whether you want to grow your traffic, convert leads, drive sales, boost your brand awareness, or reach other business objective, advertising on Social Media will do the trick with low investments. Find the social networks your audience use the most and grab their attention with professionally crafted ads.

PPC Advertising on Search Engines

Go with Google AdWords or Bing Ads when you know for sure that people are already looking for your products or services. Get your offer at the top of their search results and let them know why they should choose you over your competition by creating high converting ads. Be there when they search for you!

Remarketing on both

Most of the people who come to your website leave and go back on search engines, on their favorite social networks or on other websites. Sometimes they don’t return as quickly as you’d like, so you can use remarketing ads to make sure they don’t forget about you and remind them of your offer. 


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