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Don’t just post random links. Have a strategy!

No matter the Social Media platforms your company is spending time on, you should avoid posting random links, heavily promoting your products and services via your newsfeed or adding memes gathered from the internet. This is not how you win at the social game. Social Media should be used for attracting the right attention to your company, building a community, talking and listening to your audience, as well as promoting the advantages and benefits or your products or services. 

Don’t use it to spam your audience with constant links to your website (unless we’re talking about new and useful blog posts), with smart and / or funny memes or with other posts that do not promote the image you want to build for your company. If your business engaged in Social Media in the past surely you noticed that this kind of approach has very few rewards. If, instead, this is your first social dance, just take our word for it and start on the right foot.

Create a strategy. Prepare a budget. Be consistent. Let us help you.

What we can help you with

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Create your social presence

If your company does not yet have Social Media accounts, no worries, we will take care of it. Building your online presence starts with properly creating the right accounts. Does your company need to be everywhere on Social Media? The answer is no. Only choose the networks your audience is using the most.

Set objectives

To properly create the strategy that gives us the best results we first need to figure out what those results are. We help you set achievable goals for your company based on previous work and our experience. This allows us to visualise the social journey for months in advance.

Develop your strategy

A right Social Media strategy will allow us to know more about our audience, the messages we want to promote, the voice we are using, the way we want people to perceive our brand, the posting frequency, the social networks we should use, and the way can we attract the right attention upon our brand. 

Establish consistency

Humans are creatures of habit. Although we enjoy nice surprises from time to time, we mostly like to have consistency in our lives. A brand’s communication should be no different, which is why we need to maintain our social messages and change just the things that do not resonate well with our audience. 

Maintain the conversation

Social Media it’s about conversation and communities. People that follow your page will often have questions, remarks, congratulations (hopefully) and complaints. All of these need to be addressed in a professional manner, in order to build trust in your company and earn appreciations for your brand. 

Analyse and improve

The Social Media game never ends and has few stops for refreshments. This is why you always need to analyse and improve your strategy, make modifications on the go and keep up with your ever-changing audience. Following the right KPIs will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t work well for your brand.

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