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Inbound Marketing is our main product, dedicated entirely to the organic growth of your business.

Inbound Marketing is the name of our marketing strategy that comprises all the services we offer (complete list here). Inbound Marketing is all about getting your products or services in front of the people searching for them in the vast online world. By having an inbound approach you can stop spamming people who don’t need your business and start focusing on those who showed real interest.

Inbound Marketing methodology will help you attract people, convert them into leads, close them into customers, and turn them into promoters. We achieve this by using a smart mix of marketing tools, strategies, and software. Everything relies on creating relevant and targeted content that will help and educate your audience. Feel free to contact us for more details about how Inbound Marketing will help your specific business.

This is how the entire process works.

We turn strangers into site visitors. We convert visitors into leads and we turn those leads into customers. Finally, our clients become promoters.

We build this strategy on 4 important steps

Attract, Convert, Close, Delight

1. We generate more website traffic

We make sure to attract more of your potential customers to your website by capturing their attention with your services, products, and content. The higher quality traffic will have more chances to convert into leads and customers.

At this stage we involve, more or less, the following services:

Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Social Media

Web Design

2. We convert visitors into leads

To better know your audience we need to start generating leads. This means finding out important information about real people that are interested in your business. This enables us to deliver personalised content and turn them into paying customers much easier. 

At this stage we involve, more or less, the following services:

Lead Generation

Conversion rate optimisation

Content Marketing

Graphic Design

3. We turn leads into customers

We use different marketing strategies to generate sales directly from your website, thus helping the growth of you business. For some business, the revenue will be generated more from PPC Advertising and Social Media, while for others the revenue will come from lead generation processes. We help your business find the right sales funnel.

At this stage we involve, more or less, the following services:

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Conversion Rate Optimisation

4. We turn clients into promoters

Any business is more successful when its clients start acting as unpaid promoters by recommending the services and products to other people. This happens only when the business – client relationship is a great one, when we avoid spamming them with unwanted promotions, and when the company and its people generate trust in their interactions with clients. 

At this stage we involve, more or less, the following services:

Content Marketing

Social Media

Email Marketing

Graphic Design


What clients say about our services

We are grateful for their trust and nice words.

We collaborate with BeValued Agency for a long time now and we are very happy with our partnership because we work and communicate seamlessly with them. I especially like that they understand our company’s needs and problems very well and they know how to apply the right solutions to solve them. We will continue to work closely together to constantly improve our marketing activities, both online and offline.


What I liked most working with BeValued Agency is the fact that they exceeded my own expectations. Their services can be characterised by quality, commitment, professionalism, and speed. They not only managed to deliver more than I expected, but they did it before the deadline. I already told them that I will gladly recommend them with every chance I get. Good job!

Tudor George Ciubotaru |

At the beginning of our project, it was quite difficult for us to find the right partner, but after long and frustrating emails we finally found the perfect one in BeValued Agency. The team is friendly and always eager to help no matter the task or deadline; work seems to come naturally to them, no loose ends, no corner unturned! We will continue to work on upcoming projects and hope to keep the partnership going as long as possible. Just great!

Cristian Campan –  

Some of our partners

We are grateful for their trust in our team, whether they needed Web Design or Online Marketing services.

The Buyer’s Journey

Learn more about the three stages every customer goes through at some point.


At this point, buyers are facing a specific problem, but they can’t define it yet. The educational content we create focuses on helping them better understand that problem and name it.


Now the buyers understand the problem and they will research more the solutions at hand. This is the moment when your content will help them choose the best options.


At this stage, the buyers know both the problem and the solution but they are still searching around for trustful vendors in order to buy. It’s time to show them why they should choose you.

Inbound vs Outbound

Learn more about the main differences between Inbound and Outbound Marketing.


Inbound Marketing focuses on getting found by people interested in certain products or services. This approach relies on educating the prospects and earning their trust rather than interrupting them with unwanted advertising. This is marketing that people love.


Outbound Marketing uses various tactics and strategies to advertise a product or a service even if the audience did not show an interest towards it. These techniques are more expensive and less effective, because people find different ways to block them out.

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